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Japanese inspired Mid Century Modern Table Lamp

Handmade to order by James Mankoff

Walnut: $475
Teak: $550

This lamp is a creation out of the need to add more warmth and mood lighting to my home. It is a sculptural expression of my understanding of how light affects a space. A knowledge that has come from my many years as a photographer and a love for mid century design.

The lampshade is handmade through a multi-day process of steam bending the wood rim and oiling custom parchment paper. Unlike traditional lampshades, it allows light to permeate its semi-translucent sides to create a warm soft glow. The base of the lamp is made from either a warm toned Teak or cool browned Walnut. The wood is carefully selected, hand cut and oil finished. Each piece is unique and comes with its own light bulb.  

Estimated delivery is 1 - 3 weeks.

Height: 13.5 inches
Width: 6.5 inches
Depth: 6.5 inches

All sales final.
Venmo, Paypal, Cash and Etsy.
To purchase, please email:

Instagram: @jamesmankoffdesign

To learn how to unpack a lamp you have just recieved, visit here.

All images Copyright James Ross Mankoff 2022